• € 1.321,49 In Stock

    You can see the entire garden from this big wooden playhouse with lots of windows. The frame on the bottom can be used as a giant sandpit, so take the slide down and go have some fun in the sand.

    € 1.321,49
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  • € 379,34 In Stock

    This cute and colourful wooden playhouse on a low construction. Take the stairs, over the porch and down the slide.

    € 379,34
    In Stock
  • € 1.404,13 Out of stock

    This wooden play house comes complete with a slide, a unique veranda and a swing from where you can swing backwards and forwards in the wind! The frame between the high pole can be used as a sandpit.

    € 1.404,13
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  • € 288,43 In Stock

    Add some more fun to your playhouse with this drive-in garage.

    € 288,43
    In Stock
  • € 660,33 In Stock

    Zazou is a big playhouse with open concept and a beautiful wooden floor.

    € 660,33
    In Stock
  • € 825,62 In Stock

    Meeko is Zazou’s big brother and takes the big safari playhouses to the next level.

    € 825,62
    In Stock
  • € 949,59 Out of stock

    Baloo is a big playhouse with open concept to explore all that goes around in your garden.

    € 949,59
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  • € 1.073,55 In Stock

    Simba is the king amongst the safari playhouses on its big tall legs and huge sandpit.

    € 1.073,55
    In Stock

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